Bunched Cable Vertical Flame Spread Tester Product description: Bunched cable vertical flame spread tester is used to detect vertically mounted under specified conditions for vertical flame spread inhibiting the ability of bundle cable or fiber optic cable. In accordance with IEC60332—3—10: 2009, Standards: • IEC60332—3—10: 2009 • GB/T18380.(31—36)—2008 Technical parameters: • Internal dimensions of stainless steel test chamber: 1,000(W)×2,000(D) ×4,000(H)mm, supplemented with insulated mineral wool material • At the lower section of the test chamber, there is a 800(W) x 400(D) sized hole at the 150mm position from the front side of the chamber to supply the air • Exhaust hole of the top: 300(W) ×1, 000(D)mm • Wide stainless steel ladder dimensions: 500(W) ×3, 500(H) mm; quantity: 1 • Standard stainless steel ladder dimensions: 800(W) ×3, 500(H); quantity: 1 • Two sets of banding standard propane burner devices • Two sets of venturi gas mixing devices • Pressure gauge and pressure reducing valve device, which is able to adjust propane and air pressure to 0.1 MPa • Control and regulation of gas supply: airflow is rotor flowmeter 10 ~ 100L / Min adjustable, propane flow is rotor flowmeter 2 ~ 20L / Min adjustable • Cabinet with ladders and handrails is more convenient for users to observe at the top • With a ball valve enable to manually shut down the gas supply • Set flame test time automatically, and by then the air supply can be cut off automatically • Mounted K thermocouples inside the chamber, indicating the internal temperature • With forced fire extinguishing device • Automatic lifting device Specifications: • External dimensions of the burning cabinet: 1150(W) ×2150(D) ×5110(H)mm • External dimensions of the control cabinet: 1280(W) ×830(D) ×1290(H)mm • Power supply: AC 220V, 50/60Hz, 2A • Air source: propane and air( prepared by users) go to product group+
IEC 61034 - 1997;GB/T17651.1~2-1998 3M Cube (Wire and Cable) Smoke Density Tester Product description: 3M cube smoke density tester is used for measurement of smoke density of cables burning under defined conditions Test index: Optical density (OD) and specific optical density (DS) of the smoke Measuring principle: Lambert-beer Law Measuring method: Measure the smoke light transmission percent of original light transmission to represent smoke density, and calculate the max DS by min percentage of the transmission Standards: • IEC 61034 - 1997 • GB/T17651.1~2-1998 Technical parameters: Burning device: • Use the long pole ignition devices to ensure the testing personnel’s safety; stainless steel flame testing machine stand allocated with a automatic sample fixture Stainless steel alcohol tray: Internal size of the bottom: 210mm×110mm Internal size of the head: 240mm×140mm Height: 80mm Optical system: • Use the restructured optical system light source which is imported by Germany The light receptor is made of imported high resolution batteries Tungsten quartz-halogen lamp: Voltage: DC 12V, Power: 100W, Nominal luminous flux: 2000lm~3000lm, Nominal color temperature: 2800K~3200K, Lens light beam: 1.5m±0.1m adjustable • Test software: Smoke density DAQ test software, the light path calibration system: 0, 100% spot calibration, which is available to operated on laptop and desktop computer both • Standard fan: (fan shaft height 200 ~ 300mm; blade diameter 300 ± 60mm; wind 7 ~ 15m³ / min). Specifications: • Control cabinet dimensions: 600mm(W)×600mm(D)×1600mm(H) • Power supply: AC 220V, 50/60Hz, 1A • Burning chamber dimensions: 3m×m×3m(prepared by users) go to product group+
IEC 60754-1~2-1994;GB/T 17650.1~2-1998 Halogen, PH & Conductivity Tester Product description: Halogen, PH & conductivity tester is used to measure gas volume of Halogen Acid (IEC 60754-1), pH concentration (PH Meter, Hydrogen ions, IEC 60754-2), Conductivity (IEC 60754-2) and etc from a wire (cable) by radiant heat in the Tube Furnace (IEC 60754-1: 800℃, IEC 60754-2: 950℃) Standards: • IEC 60754-1~2-1994 • GB/T 17650.1~2-1998 Technical parameters: • Activated carbon (air filtering): filter for filtering the supplied air • Silica gel (air drying): a device for drying the supplied air • Flowmeter: 0.1~1L/min, a device to control the flow of the air source • Thermocouple: K type of high temperature resistant stainless thermocouple, range: 0 ~ 1300℃ • Quartz tube: ¢40×800 • Magnetic stirrer: an stirrer used for mixing combustion gas in distilled water • PH meter: a device used for measuring the pH acidity (ray magnetic) • Conductivity meter: a device for measuring conductivity of combustion gas (ray magnetic) • 7 "color touch screen and PLC and PID automatic calculation of the module control heating furnace temperature • Heating furnace: ¢220×600; effective heating space: ¢43×550; power: 4KW • Washing bottle: 500ml straight pipe bottle, quantity: 2; 2L measuring cup, quantity: 1 Specifications: • Installation size: 2300 mm (W) × 600 mm (D) • Power supply: AC 220V, 50/60Hz, 21A • The reagent and air supply are prepared by users go to product group+
• IEC60331—23: 1999 • IEC60331—12: 2002 • GB/T19216.(11, 21, 23, 25)-2003 • GB/T19216.(12, 31)-2008Wire and Cable Fire Resistance Tester Product description: Wire and cable fire resistance tester is in accordance with IEC60331—12: 2002, obtain and determine the flame-resistant property parameters of flame-resistant cables or optical cables under the flame conditions Standards: • IEC60331—23: 1999 • IEC60331—12: 2002 • GB/T19216.(11, 21, 23, 25)-2003 • GB/T19216.(12, 31)-2008 Technical parameters: • Burning frame is cabinet type, fire-resistant properties and fire-resistant impact are all-in-one, easy to operate and with a nice appearance • Burner: 500 mm belt-type torch ( including venturi mixer ), the burner orifice 3 rows of staggered orifice diameter: ¢ 1.32, center distance: ¢ 3.2, the burner can be up and down, left and right adjusted to meet the horizontal and vertical distances location of the cable • Fire-resistant properties bracket: consists of two metal rings brackets, intermediate length is about 300MM, test supporting metal ring inner diameter is 150MM, ring-sectional diameter is 10±2MM, one end of the sample holder fitted with a clamp fixed sample, and the other end to facilitate heat along the test vertical transfer • Refractory impact bracket: the impact test ladder is assembled by the steel frame, in order to accommodate different sizes of cable testing, the two vertical steel members in the center of the test ladder rack can be adjusted, the test ladder length is 1200mm and the height is about 600mm, the total mass of test ladder is (18 ± 1) kg, four rubber liner whose hardness is (50 to 60) Shore A, the diameter of the impact bar is (25 ± 0.1) mm and the length is (600 ± 5) mm, which is made of low carbon steel round, the impact rod angle is 60 ° • Samples applied voltage: AC100V~1000V, adjustable • Sample short circuit breakdown current: 2A • Sample holding current: 100-260MA adjustable • Three-phase transformer: 380V, 9KVA • Sample short circuit, open circuit, stop the fire supply and cut off the voltage, with software malfunction prompt • Fire supply time: 0 ~ 999 Min, adjustable • Two Ф1.5mm thermocouples used for flame correct and a corresponding portable thermometer • Control and regulation of gas sources: the mass flow rate of air flow agent 20~200L/Min adjustable, the mass flow rate of propane flow agent 2~20L/Min adjustable • Control mode: the computer software controls the operation and monitors the current and voltage gas flow during the test, test results are curve printing Specifications: • Specimen support dimensions: 2430mm(W)×800mm(D)×1500mm(H) • Control cabinet dimensions: 1500mm(W)×900mm(D)×1300(H) • Test box: 3m×3m×3M(prepared by users) • Gas source: propane and air ( prepared by users) • Power supply: three phases and five lines, AC380V 50/60Hz 10A go to product group+
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