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Facts and figures PRO-NEWLEAD manufacturer More than 30 years of top-quality technology for the wire and cable industry

one of the world’s leading manufacturers of wire-drawing , annealing, galvanic electroplating, bunching, take-up, rewinding, coiling and enameling of wire made of non-ferrous metals. machinery for the stranding, coiling and take-up of insulated data cables and special cables, automotive cables and power cables; the development, planning and turnkey delivery of fully-fitted cable factories; global service.

NEWLEAD has played a major role in the EXPORT of the wire and cable industry throughout its existence.15 goal service engineers to do commissioning for our clients. We develop, build and plan innovative technologies at the heart of the wire &cable industry....

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Over 20 years professional experience
CE,IOS,AAA manufacturer gold supplier certificate
Has strong technical support
Machinery are used in over 20 countnes
To offer our customers workshop design
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Jiangsu, China (Mainland)

Year Established


Business Type

Manufacturer, Trading Company

Total Employees

101 - 200 People

Main Categories

1180Plus Sand belt grinding descaler. Wire pre-treatment Grinding descaler Wire rust online cleaning, rust removal fields of application Steel wire,SS wire,Nail Wire, Wire for steel fibres, Spring Wire, Titanium alloy wire, nickel alloy wire, PC Wire,and so on. For sand belt descaling as well as removal of rust and some surface defects High efficient system, high speed Optionally up to 20 mm inlet-Ø Advanced Technology: Tensioning belt by button,3-8seconds quickly change belts, the photoelectric switch detects the sand belt and the safety door protection system.

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Newlead Specialized in the designing and manufacturing of high speed enameling machine with inline drawing,leader in the field of nonferrous metals processing. Newlead has already sold annually 200 lines of machines to the leading wire producers in China and is entering the international market.Our philosophy is to develop together with our customers. More information on the most important developments is provided in the technology section.vertical enameling machine

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Aluminum alloy welding wire making machinery ,such as rolling, drawing,shaving,annealing and layer winding machine ER4043 ER4047 ER5356 ER5183 ER1100 ER5087 All Kinds Of Alloy 0.8-4.0mm Mig Tig Aluminum Welding Wire manufacturing whole line Note: This quotation includes technical guidance, we provide a complete solutions to help customers produce high quality welding wire

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ER4043 ER4047 ER5356 ER5183 ER1100 ER5087 All Kinds Of Alloy 0.8-5.0mm Mig Tig Aluminum Welding Wire manufacturing whole line, such as drawing,shaving,annealing , layer winding machine ,straightening cutting with embossing

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Aluminium rod coiling machine compact winding machine

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Automic coiling & packaging machine(two machine become one) Feature: Wires,will be coiled and packaged one by one.produotion with high speed. lt has auto aduust type coil-holding arm.without manual adjustments. lt has auto labeling machine.which don't need label by manual,more safe and convenience. When problem come out.the machine can auto detect the mistakes .and send message to warm operator. lt can save labour force,amplify capaclty and advance industrial automation.

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RBD450/13 Individual Servo motor drives type of Copper Rod Breakdown Machine with annealing, double spooler PND630 and Down coiler Advantages of this safe investment choice Increase in quality: High surface quality of the wires due to the optimized wire path (2° inclination of the gearing/drawing capstans) innovative drawing die holders with high-pressure cooling of the drawing dies Increase in productivity: Reduced downtime when changing the machine setup for different dimensions via multi-motor drive technology (quick drawing die change system) Reduced downtime due to touch screen- Based user guidance and fault display Cost-effectiveness: Reduced tool consumption (drawing capstans, drawing dies) with minimized-slip operation
energy savings of up to 20% are achieved by switching off unused drives long service intervals and extended drawing tool service life minimize the requirement to stock and use spare parts Reduced consumption of oil and drawing lubricant Design: Optimized wire cooling/lubrication (due to the fully-immersed drawing basin) flexible adjustment of the wire elongation per draft Individually driven drawing shafts in horizontal tandem layout three-phase AC drives, water-cooled and maintenance-free Ergonomic and user-friendly machine design, with easy maintenance no noise protection cabin required up to 85 dB (A)
helically geared precision gearing for extremely smooth operation and uniform load transmission vibration-damping grey cast iron housing for long service life Highly reliable separation of drawing emulsion and gear oil via mechanical seal (long service intervals)

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PV Solar cable extruder whole manufacturing line. Step 1, Fine wire drawing machine. Inlet 1.2mm-1.6mm,Outlet 0.3mm Step 2, Annealing and tinning machine to produce tinned copper wire 0.3mm Step 3 630 Double twisting buncher to produce bunched 35/0.3,56/0.3,84/0.3 Step 4 70+90 PV solar cable extruder line to produce finished cable 2.5/4.0/6.0mm2

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Copper Capillary tube from basket to empty coil packing usage .

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It included:Payoff (with motor)+Dancer+Shaving +Dancer+High pressure water cleaning +dryer+tractor+dancer+take up+ straightening cutting with Embossing online <1>、The equipment consists of two groups of incoming straightener, belt pushing device, one group of straightener and cutting part. <2>、The incoming straightener is used to stabilize the wire, and the intermediate straightener is used to straighten the wire before cutting. <3>、The equipment is matched with two groups of belt pushing devices, which are placed at both ends of the straightener, and the power of the belt pushing motor is 4kw. <4>、The equipment adopts rotary cutting device, the servo motor drives the reducer to cut wire, and the power of the servo motor is 5.5kW.

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Five types PV ribbon making equipments 1.PV Ribbon(Flat wire) 2: PV Round wire 3. PV Segmented round plus flat welding tape for Module ,4.PV Flat Plus Triangle wire 5. Busbar Technical parameters: Segmented Round plus flat / triangular plus flat welding strip is a segmented high-efficiency welding strip composed of circular section and flat section by adopting the latest segmented rolling production process, in which the circular section is welded with the front of the battery, and the flat section is welded with the back of the battery. Compared with traditional welding strips, segmented welding strips have the following advantages: 1. Reduce the cell spacing and save the component cost; 2. The flat welding strip is used at the back of the battery, which can reduce the welding stress, reduce the hidden crack of the battery, and effectively reduce the partial welding and false welding; 3. Under the condition of constant module power, the amount of EVA on the back of the battery can be reduced and the material cost of the module end can be saved.

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Annealers Electric Continuous Annealer Series for Copper/ Induction Annealer for Copper Alloy Copper continuous annealer process made by applying a high current onto the wire on its path through contact wheels Internally water-cooled wheels Includes a high power AC rectifier to supply DC voltage to heat and anneal the wire according the line speed HMI+PLC computer control is integrated in order to guarantee a zero hard copper starting Keeps a smooth and constant wire elongation during the whole range of drawing speeds and wire diameters Optionally driven by an independent 7.5/15/37 kW AC servo

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