Programmable (alternating) Constant Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber

Product description: Programmable (alternating) constant temperature and humidity test chamber is used to examine and determine the storage and working performance of electronic, electrical, automobile electrical appliances and materials etc, under conditions of high and low temperature environment, which is for schools, factories, war industries, R&D departments and so on. It adopted the imported original microcomputer large LCD(320 × 240 dots), with both Chinese and English display and control system. Infinitely repeated cycle tests, max time setting in each period is 99hrs 59mins, max settable capacity of the program is 120 groups: 100 segments: 999 circles, with smart PID+SSR/SCR forward and backward direction sync output, enable to set the LCD screen Back Light opening time, to extend using life of Back Light. With functions of program correction, clear, reservation start, and power off memory and other functions. All components of heating, cooling, humidification, and dehumidification are totally automatically controlled by the microcomputer, the system is completely independent of the individual. Chamber structure: the test chamber body is shaped by the numerically-controlled machine tool, which has a beautiful and generous appearance, and it adopts a no-counteractive handle, which is easy to operate. Test chamber liner is adopted the imported high-quality stainless steel (SUS304) mirror panels, test chamber surface is adopted A3 steel plastic spraying, which increases the texture and cleanliness of the appearance. Large observation window with lights to keep the chamber bright, and using the heating element embedded tempered glass to observe the situation inside the cabinet very clearly any time. Equipped with a test interface with diameter of 50mm, for external testing power supply line or signal line Standards: • GB 2423.1—2001 • GB 2423.2--2001 Technical parameters: • Working room dimensions: (selected by users) Working volume Working dimensions 100L 400×500×500 150L 500×600×500 225L 500×600×750 500L 700×800×900 800L 800×1000×1000 1000L 1000×1000×1000 1300L 1000×1000×1300 • Performance parameters: Performance Humidity thermostat Balance temperature and humidity control (BTHC)PID smart adjustment Temperature range -20 ℃ ~150 ℃, -40 ℃ ~150 ℃, -60 ℃ ~150 ℃, -70 ℃ ~150 ℃(optional) Humidity range 30%-98%R.H Temperature uniformity ±2℃ Temperature fluctuation ±0.5℃ Humidity uniformity ±3%R.H Humidity fluctuation ±1%R.H Heating rate ≥ 2.5°C/min Cooling rate 0.7-1°C/min Materials Liner materials SUS304 light stainless steel plate Surface materials SUS304 brushed stainless steel plate or rust treatment cold-rolled steel(plastic spraying) Insulating materials Superthin glass wool + Polyurethane foam Adjuster Refrigeration mode Mechanical binary refrigeration mode Refrigerator Totally- enclosed ( France Tecumseh/ German Copeland) compressor Refrigerant R23/R404A (environmental) Condensing mode Air cooling system Heater Nichrome stainless steel heater Humidifier Stainless steel humidifier Air blower Centrifugal fan Airflow mode Broadband type forced air circulation (upper in, lower out) Controller Operating interface LCD touch screen, Chinese-English shift Running mode Constant running, program running Program memory capacity 120 groups of programmable programs, each program max: 999 (sections) Setting index range Temperature: -100℃+300℃, Humidity: 99.9%R.H Resolution Temperature: 0.1℃, Humidity:0.1%R.H Input PT100 Platinum resistance Control mode PID control Accessory functions Upper and lower limit alarm, self diagnosis, alarm display(failure cause), timing device(Automatic startup, shutdown) Water supply Water supply way Circulating water supply Water-feed tank Built-in portable (30kg capacity) Water quality Resistivity>500Ω.M Standard configuration One observing window (double hollow timbered glass), one 60mm test hole (on the left), 2 layers sample rack, one lamp inside the chamber (fluorescent), one water supply tank Safety device Power supply is adopted the leakage protector, anti-dry heating device, water system protection device, extreme high or low temperature protection, temperature deviation alarm, overpressure, overload, lack of water, or lack of equal protections Specifications: • Overall dimensions: customized depends on users’ requirement • Power supply: provided according to model selection of users