Cross reticulated double cooiling machine

Cross reticulated double cooiling machine Application: The machine is suitable for cat "5" and "6" cable and coaxial cable to take-up and bundling,it suitable for the regulation of national cable packaging,also meet to the packaging requirements in UL standards,the wire coil is horoscope pigtall shape can linkage and single action take-up with the accumulator of ectruder. Feature: Reticular wire bundling is the popular coiling way 0f wlre and cable at h0me and abr0ad The machine is designed and researched according t0 the requirements 0f the customers and combined with the actual situation of our nation with the characteristic of simple structure Relible pert0rmance.ec0n0mic and practical c0nvenient Operati0n it has gained a deep popularity among the users since put into the market.

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