High speed automatic cable circling equipment series(dedicated for flat-line)

High speed automatic cable circling equipment series(dedicated for flat-line) Application: This equipment is used for the circling and bundling of flat line,such as sheathed cable,parallel cable.audio cable.etc. Main Features 1.The swell-dlminution and demount can be finished within2-3seconds.The bundle can be easlly packed and take out The back board can be adjusted to realize the bundling height from40-100rnm(Universalbearing frame is optional configured for different line standard): 2.The gulde wheel which is the latest adjustable alumlnum combination wheel can reallze line adjusting from5-17mm; 3.Dlriven cable composing device is used for precislon cable composing,The adjustable gulde wheel base(one inlront and one in back)are installed to ensure the stability of the process; 4.The multi-functlon cabIe circling equipment can swltch working style.Start up the driven cable compossing device wlth the SWITCH when oircling flatGablB.and tum off the switch when circling round cable: 5.The equipment can be used without pay-off shelves.For some customers who don' t meed circling or cable falling directly.it is also applicable.

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