YB-630High speed automatic cable circling equipment series(lever-type)

YB-630High speed automatic cable circling equipment series(lever-type) Application: This equipment is used for o.5-6mm cable and small section cables' circling and building. Main Features 1.Loading and unloading pay-off wheel by lever-type,cantilever combination guide wheel for, braking system wlth lever mechanism 2.With guide wheel and swell strength for automatioally composing orderly and nice-looking nomally30-40seconds per circle. 3.Easy bundling and take out.more efficiency Technical Specs: 1.Extemal diameter of cable wheel: 〇300mm 2.Inner diameter of cable wheel: 0120mm(dlffle rent options for customer) 3.Width of cattle wheel: 40_100mmlAdjustable) 4.Diameter of cable: o3-8mm(cable1-6mm、 BV、 BLV、 BVV、 BRV、 etc) 5.Rotative speed: 0-600r/mir1 6.Power of electric machine1 2.2KW 7Power of speed control: 2.2KW(frequence converters) 8Metercounter: electronic high accuracy 9.Pay-offwheel: 〇500、 (1)630、 l1)800 10,Mounting mothod: lever-type

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