Single layer high speed wrapping machine

Single layer high speed wrapping machine The machine is vertical single-way wrapping machine(papertape,aluminum foll)with rotation plate wrapping on the core wire,own single wrapping head,Mainly uses for the electric wire.the strength cable,controls cable and optical cable etc,insulated wire core mica tape wrapping,the fireproof electric wire electric cable mainly is suitable for power plant.airportships.high rise construction,subway,underground street and recreation are,The fireproof electric wlre electric able demand increase5 day by day.therefore many fireproof electric increases day by day.therefore many fireproof electric wires cable paper chartered airplane being publlshed,has provided the brand-new speclal purpose equipment for various electric wlres&cable field. Working principle:The machines single head wrapping comotor passed belt to drive, the gear transmission of through the cone gear,make the wrap bobbin left and right direction to rotation.the core wire passed capstan wheel with single wrap posilive and negative rotation,wrap the tape intocore wire,realize once wrapping,by adjustment stepless speed changer produce singIe head,double head and three heacl wrapping machlne accordlng to customer needs.